Cover Reveal: When We Were Dancing by Auryn Hadley

It’s opening day at Rochelle’s Reviews SPF, and we’re very honored that the very first cover reveal on this website goes to author Auryn Hadley. She writes both Fantasy and Contemporary Romance and has many books in store for us in 2016. If you’ve never heard of Auryn Hadley before, get ready because you are going to see her name A LOT in the coming months ahead. We’re glad to be a part of this author’s literary journey.

“When We Were Dancing” is the 2nd book in “The Wolf of Oberhame” series and is releasing on Feb 12th, 2016. It’s 99 cents right now and will go up to $2.99 on release day. So if this tickles your fancy, go ahead and grab it now. After reading the excerpt below, I’m quite certain that I want to read this series from the beginning.

Cover Reveal

When We Were Dancing

by Auryn Hadley

The Wolf of Oberhame Book 2

Genre: Fantasy
Release Date: February 12th, 2016
Kindle Price: 2.99
Kindle Unlimited: Yes

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Book Description:

They called her the Gladiator Queen, the first female heir to the throne of Norihame. Leyli never wanted this, but her cousin’s scheming left no other option. He’d killed her brother, trying to claim the throne for himself, and sold her off to be a gladiator, hoping to get rid of her. It didn’t work. Now, she’ll do whatever it takes to make sure Palino can’t destroy the country her family fought so hard to keep safe.

On the sands of the arena, death was honest. Men fought for their lives and nothing else. In the palace, everything is different. The threats are veiled in fancy clothes and whispered rumors. Spies lay in wait around every corner, bribed with promises of power and wealth. Once, she thought this was normal. But no longer can she care about petty scandals, not when her citizens – her friends – are dying because of laws her family made.

To win this game, she has to keep her cousin far from succession. The best way is an heir of her own. She needs a noble husband who won’t kill her in her sleep and — hopefully — one who will ignore the hulking shadow of her best friend turned bodyguard. She never expected Tristan to become a weapon that could be used against her. How much of her own happiness will she give up for Norihame?

The game is King of the Hill. The music for their dance is made of politics. Fate gave her a chance to change everything, but he’s a fickle god. Leyli has to get this right. She may not be on the sands of the arena, but she’s still fighting, and the Wolf of Oberhame will not be defeated.


Palino chuckled. “Negotiations? Is that what you’re calling it?”

“Do you have a better word, cousin?”

He smiled and reached for his wine, making a show of it. “I thought you would prefer to have us woo and impress you. Maybe give us the chance to fall madly in love?”

She shifted the papers in her hands until she found his. “My dear cousin, I may have a cunt, but the gods still gave me a brain. Love is unimportant and not something I was raised to expect. What I desire in a husband is simple. Pledge something that will strengthen Norihame, understand that you will never rule the nation, and be happy with the idea of watching your child grow up to sit on the throne. I do not see how love plays into that at all.” She tilted her head. “If it was love I was seeking, shouldn’t one of you have brought flowers?”

A lean man in the middle of the table shoved his hand to his face to hide his chuckle. It only barely helped. Leyli tried to identify him. Flipping through the pages, she finally found it: Connall Delaney, fifth son of the Boier of Moyloch.

Leyli let her eyes roam the group. “I want to make this clear. I will not take my husband’s last name. I will give him the option of taking mine. My children will take the Aravatti name as well, for their royalty descends to them through me. My husband will become the Prince Consort, with all of the rights and privileges associated with the title. Upon my death, he will not gain control of the nation. If I do not have a child by the time I ascend to the throne, I will name an heir that day, conditional upon the birth of my children.”


About the Author

Auryn Hadley

Auryn Hadley is a happy Texan who swelters in the summers with her husband, three dogs, and the neighborhood cats. Her coffee addiction is impressive and allows her to keep writing the next book. Her husband keeps telling her it’s great, even though he doesn’t like to read, so she ignores him.

With a degree in biology, a few decades in gaming, and a love for all things out of this world, she writes across genres looking for the story that is begging to be told. From love to loss, hopes and dreams, there’s always an escape waiting inside the pages of her books. She tries to capture the idealism of YA literature while addressing more adult topics because life doesn’t get any less exciting when you grow up.

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