Dark Vortex by Stella Marie Alden and Chantel Seabrook (Guest Review by Dianne Bylo from Tome Tender)

It is with great pleasure to share with you a guest review from none other than Dianne Bylo from Tome Tender.  Dianne has been reading and reviewing books since November 2012, and she loves all types of Fantasy and Romance books. Her reviews are amazing and she inspires me everyday!  So before we get to today’s review of Dark Vortex by Stella Marie Alden and Chantel Seabrook… here are a few words from Dianne:

First, I want to thank author Stella Marie Alden for approaching me to be a guest reviewer here. What an honor! Next, being on Rochelle’s blog is like getting up close to a blogging legend! I’m just a regular reviewer at the awesome Tome Tender. I have an amazing partner, Beth who is the brains of our operation and I can never thank her enough for all she has taught me about blogging, which means learning how to post, etc!

Reading is a passion for me, reviewing is the icing on the cake! My husband, Rick and I have been retired for sixteen years, so I have tons of time for reading, except when my three adult children visit with my 8.5 grandchildren. Being the cool Grandma that I am, I took the oldest kids, who are driving now out to learn to drive my new six speed, they did great, but Grandma blew out the turbo demonstrating what NOT to do when going through the gears…oops!

As a reviewer, I can say that honesty, integrity and fairness are absolutely paramount! I have never been swayed by an author’s “charm” or felt obligated to give high praise unless it is earned. Every book has merit, so I try to remain positive, even if I didn’t care for the book. That said, authors NEED reviews, if you read a book you liked, or not, leave a review wherever you can, it only takes a few minutes, it won’t be graded and what you think counts! Just do it! Readers and Authors alike will thank you!

Dark Vortex
by Stella Marie Alden & Chantel Seabrook
My rating: 5 stars
Series: Mated by Magic – book 1
Publication Date: February 29, 2016
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN-10: 1523785071
ISBN-13: 978-1523785070
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Print Length: 337 pages
Available from: Amazon
For the survival of his clan, Jack Fialko needs to mate with a witch of equal power before the end of the solstice. He finds the perfect woman, except for one serious flaw. She has no idea how to engage in the dangerous magical foreplay–the duel for sexual equality. The task of training her in two days seems insurmountable, especially while other warriors are trying to kidnap her.Zoe is a warrior-healer hybrid. The trouble is, she has no idea what that means. It’s all a harmless game until one night a dominant, brooding, sexy-as-sin warrior touches her and ignites a shameless craving to mate. Zoe must decide if the scorching chemistry between them is worth fighting for. Can love and lust exist together in an exhilarating magical combination? Or will their bond combust?
Dark Vortex by Stella Marie Alden & Chantel Seabrook

Dark VortexFinding love is like finding another side to yourself and for Zoe, that statement couldn’t be more true! Her life went from that of a normal human in search of her blood roots to a lusty, powerful witch who was the fated mate of a powerful witch clan’s leader. Witches? Until Jack, Zoe thought witches were just make believe, but her cravings for this handsome warrior witch are hot enough to melt steel.

Jack knew what was happening, their simple touch unleashed the magic of mating, sexually yearning and blossoming love, but how to convince the headstrong Zoe that she has no options and cannot avoid their magical chemistry is one uphill feat! When danger surrounds and threatens both Zoe physically and Jack’s leadership, only a true bonding will allow them to thrive, become more powerful and to survive. But wait! There’s more, Zoe is a rare hybrid, she is the very thing myths and legends are made of and could very well be the most powerful witch of all, could Jack be after the power they will share as mates? All is never fair in love and war, but sometimes the battle is worth the winners’ spoils and all they have to do is survive!

I should have known I was getting one hot read, after all, this tale was created by an excellent tag team of smoldering pens, Chantel Seabrook and Stella Marie Alden. Dark Vortex is filled from cover to cover with action, tension, heat and more heat. Each character brings their being to life through their great dialogue, believable actions and reactions, including the confusing, explosive emotional pulls! Great plot, great execution and I swear I saw steam rising from my Kindle! Who knew witches could be so magically magnetic?

I received an ARC edition from Chantel Seabrook in exchange for my honest review.

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