Fortune’s Eyes by AJ Storm (Review by Deb Markanton)

Fortune's Eyes AJ Storm

Title: Fortune’s Eyes

Author: AJ Storm

Genre: Mystery Suspense Romance

Official Review by Deb Markanton of Xtreme Delusions

4 Stars!

AJ Storm’s voice and writing style drew me in with her erotic romance, Emily’s Passion.  And while Fortune’s Eyes is a totally different type of story, it is equally good.  Her seemingly effortless manner of storytelling held my interest and the French Quarter of New Orleans is a perfect backdrop for this suspenseful and, at times, grisly whodunnit murder mystery.  The air of intrigue, magic, and creepy decay sets the mood exceptionally well and Ms. Storm’s writing put me right there along with the characters.

Leena’s holier-than-thou preacher father condemned her “gift” as an act of the devil.  Frightened and ashamed of her abilities for most of her life, Leena’s only solace was her aunt, whom she affectionately called Nana.  Nana believed Leena’s visions but was forbidden to see her throughout her childhood.  After years apart Leena reunites with her Nana in New Orleans.  Happy and relieved to be with the woman who was graced with gifts of her own, Leena finally feels at home.  Until the vicious serial killer targeting fortune tellers in the French Quarter shatters her world.  Determined to find the person responsible for murdering her aunt, Leena offers her help to Roger Black, the detective on the case.

Roger is also a Dom and while instantly attracted to Leena’s beauty it is her passionate, caring, and submissive personality that has him wanting more.  However, the case takes precedence for Leena, and she’s not sure she’s ready for any type of relationship, let alone one with a Dom.

I truly enjoyed the suspense and danger of Fortune’s Eyes.  It’s moody and dark, well written and moves along at a fast pace.  Leena is a compelling character.  I liked that she is a survivor, pushing ahead even in the face of tragedy, insisting on using her psychic ability to help solve the case no matter how difficult it is to face the gruesome crime scenes and feel the fear of the victims.  I would, however, have liked to have seen more depth of character in Roger.  While he plays a significant role in the story, I didn’t feel as if I really knew much about him.  He’s a tough cop but a caring Dom and I wish the author had explored that a bit more.  That said, this really is a great read if you’re looking for a lot of mystery with a side of romance.

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