What do you do when your… (Hearts Out of Time by Chris Lange)

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Genre: Sci-Fi Romance
Release Date: Nov 18th, 2015
Kindle Price: 2.99
Kindle Unlimited
Amazon: US
Every now and then I like to take a break from my usual genres and read something a little “outer worldly”. So with an open mind I was excited to escape reality with some Sci-Fi Romance. Hearts Out of TimeHearts Out of TimeHearts Out of Time by Chris Lange
Tracy steps into a futuristic device and plunges into a world she never imagined. Although flaming desire is a tempting pit to dive into, a life is at stake and evil is lurking. In an uncanny nineteenth century where incredible characters love and fight, vengeance and hate are never far away. Aboard a dream train, across a treacherous Nevada desert, down into dark hideouts and nasty secrets, passion and duty struggle to conquer the worst enemy of all: love. For at the end of the line, one must w...
An Era Apart Book 1
Genre: Sci-Fi Romance
Release Date: 2015-11-18
Kindle Price: 2.99
Kindle Unlimited
by Chris Lange was better than I expected. Having a healthy balance between the Sci-Fi and the Romance isn’t always easy, and Chris Lange does it well. I could follow the time-travel / other dimension aspect without getting bogged down in description and just let the story unfold as it does. This is a story of forbidden love (with a time-travel / other dimension twist).

Tracy Richardson was living the normal life of a 21st century single woman until a phone call triggers an adventure like she’s never known. Before she has any time to stop and think about the instructions given to her, she’s whisked away into another era (19th century San Francisco). There she meets the perfect gentlemen, Garrett, whose opposing public and private persona’s have her head spinning. Learning that she holds the key to rescuing a loved one, she has a hard time staying put and doing what she’s told. She’s breaking rules while at the same time trying to reconcile her feelings for Garrett.

“Well, Mister Burnes, I’ll let you on a little secret. In my universe, we sleep in T-shirts this short.” She lifted the hem of the thick night dress right up to the top of her thighs to demonstrate.

Garrett Burnes is a handsome, polished, well-bred “Gentleman” from 19th century San Francisco who is loyal, dutiful, and mission-oriented. The last thing he expected was to fall for a “Modern” woman, whose uncouth speech and mannerisms are so unlike his own. He complicates the situation by succumbing to Tracy’s modern feminine ways. Garrett and his companions Wheedon Welsh, Jake Cooper, and Jessica Harring have a mission to protect her from enemies who would do her harm, and a relationship would be in direct conflict. As much as he’d like to be with her, there are other circumstances involving Garrett that would prevent any chance for a happily ever after.

I really enjoyed reading “Hearts Out of Time” and really took to the whole cast of characters. Chris Lange wove a nice tapestry of forbidden love, adventure, with Sci-Fi and some supernatural elements mixed in. I’m looking forward to reading the next two installments of this Trilogy, and other books from this author.
Hearts out of Time

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